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* Do you know what DNS monitoring is?

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DNS Monitoring allows you to maintain and inspect your DNS server and its overall performance. Its primary purpose is to serve for finding server-side and client-side DNS problems. It is an extremely important tool for keeping your online presence secure. Thanks to it, you can prevent minor issues from becoming significant problems. So, it ensures the proper state of the DNS servers by sending a DNS request. Then it compares the response IP address with the expected one.

Here are the two possible outcomes:

  • The check is marked UP. The received response and the expected one are equal.
  • The check is marked DOWN. The received response and the expected one are not equal.

With DNS Monitoring, you could save yourself a lot of trouble! By using it, you can prevent some negative influence on your website (services). Moreover, with fast detection, you can quickly resolve any issues.

In case you are curious to learn more, we suggest you take a look at the following article about DNS monitoring!