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Dr. Rogers has been caring for women in the Desoto, TX area for more than 18 years. Learn why he has earned an exceptional reputation for providing high quality, compassionate gynecologic care.

“Selecting Dr Rogers as my gynecologist years ago, was one of my best life decisions. He and his compassionate and knowledgeable team help me maintain my health with a holistic approach.”


“I have been seeing Dr. Rogers for over 10 years because I believe he is one of the best OB-Gyn’s in the eastern part of North Carolina. His approach with patients is very individualized. He doesn’t put patients into “groups”, he thinks out of the box, and his management is always well thought out for the individual. I think the bottom line is he really cares about his patients.

Also, I happen to work for the world’s largest women’s healthcare company, and specifically I work with lab professionals and Ob-Gyns across two states. This knowledge also confirms why he is my doctor. I have consistently recommended his practice to my friends for a very long time.”


“Dr. Rogers personalizes the care he gives his patients. Specifically, when I had surgery, he took his time to answer all my questions before and after the procedure. He gave me informative details as to what to expect during the healing process, and Dr. Rogers even called me on the phone after my surgery to see how I was feeling.”


“I am honored to give some words about Dr. Rogers and his practice.  My name is Melissa and Dr. Rogers has been my gynecologist for about 14 years.  I have seen him for annual checkups, ultrasounds, multiple biopsies and two surgeries.

Through it all, to be honest, I have not been the easiest patient!  I am stubborn, at times, frightful and ask way too many questions.  It took four consults (my own doing), to prepare myself for the last surgery.  Dr. Rogers has always treated me with utmost respect, compassion and care.  He answers all my questions in great detail and with tremendous patience.  Many times, I have turned to him for medical advice and referrals, with him going above and beyond call of duty.

He truly is a superb physician and surgeon!  Also, his staff has been wonderful at his office.  They are very professional, friendly and helpful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


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