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Extended Cycle Birth Control Pill Packs

Extended cycle birth control pill packs are popular choices for Desoto, TX women who experience heavy menstrual flow, severe cramps, migraine headaches or just simply prefer to have four periods per year.

Now, extended cycle birth control pill packs are designed for a 3 month cycle. With the extended cycle, the progesterone effect on the uterine lining results in progressive thinning with a corresponding decrease in menstrual blood loss. The same effect can be achieved with the standard monthly contraceptive pill by changing the way it is taken.

For patients with menstrual migraines, the cycle can be safely extended to 3 or 4 months to reduce the intensity and frequency of headaches. A neurologist is sometimes consulted with patients who experience aura to determine the safety of estrogen use in this setting.

At your next Rogers Gynecology & Women’s Health OB/Gyn check-up in Desoto, TX, ask Dr. Rogers to see if you are a candidate for extended cycle pills.

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