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Why Women Should See This Desoto, TX Gynecologist

Women are often short changed in the health care system by well intended non-gynecologic practitioners. Dr. Rogers is a Desoto, TX gynecologist who is uniquely qualified to evaluate the whole woman and appropriately guide her in the direction of wellness.

Women have a physiology distinct from men and their health status should be monitored annually by a woman’s health physician. I routinely see patients with diverticular disease, renal stones, gallbladder disease and functional bowel disorders who have been told by other physicians that they have “female problems” without proper evaluation.

Conversely, I see patients with endometriosis or even gynecologic cancers treated as a gastrointestinal disorder. Women need to see their gynecologist first with issues such as abdominal / pelvic pain, bloating, indigestion, urinary frequency etc. so that a true gynecologic problem can be ruled out and proper referrals made.

Dr. Ronald Rogers, an experienced Desoto, TX gynecologist, has been serving patients for more than 18 years. View a list of services offered at Rogers Gynecology and Women’s Health or schedule an appointment with Dr. Rogers today by calling 919-465-4455 or filling out the request an appointment form online.

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